F24 Servicios de Comunicación, S.L.U.

Juan Manuel Gil Bote is the Managing Director of F24 Servicios de Comunicación, S.L.U. in Madrid, where he acts as sales manager for the FACT24 alerting and crisis management service in Spain.

He previously held a number of management positions. In his more than 17-year career, he was entrusted with the development and coordination of various sales organizations for innovative technologies in industries such as avionics, communication technology, and radio technology. Juan Manuel Gil Bote managed to grow revenue while simultaneously laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and targeted training policies.

Before signing on with F24, Bote, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in telecommunication technology, spent many years working on the development of testing technologies for industries such as communication, aeronautics, defense, and manufacturing. Previously, he served as a sales manager for testing electronics at Aries Ingenieria y Sistemas, S.A.