FACT24 is in use in a variety of industries

The FACT24 service is used by our customers for professional alerting and conference management as well as for comprehensive crisis management and business continuity management.


The various FACT24 editions are flexible and able to meet the needs of small businesses as well as large companies and corporations. FACT24 is extremely dynamic, with customers coming from many different industries. This page will give you an idea of the industries that make the most use of FACT24, as well as show you some of the many things the system can do.

With more than 500 loyal customers around the globe

Our customers include more than 500 well-known companies and public organizations around the world. FACT24 is in use in over 70 different countries. Our alerting and crisis management system is available in eight different languages, so our customers can select the one they find easiest and most comfortable to work with. Here is a list of customers who are already using FACT24.


Our customer’s “best practices

We would more be glad to provide you with user reports to give you an idea of the experiences and best practices that our customers have had and developed in the years they have worked with FACT24. They demonstrate the many possible uses for FACT24, along with offering a detailed account of how our customers have used the alerting and crisis management service. We are always amazed at our customer’s creativity. They are constantly coming up with new ways to use FACT24 to successfully handle crisis situations. Why not take a look at our user reports?