Data Protection and Security


As an application service provider, our quality management is focused on our IT and telecommunications infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure that it functions flawlessly. That’s why FACT24 is founded on a comprehensive security and back-up concept, including redundancy throughout the entire process chain. That means that all alerting system components are redundant, as is our infrastructure. As a result, service availability of up to 99.99% is guaranteed, even during maintenance or disruptions. This in turn allows us to meet the high security demands placed on our company by our clients.


Data Protection

We guarantee that we have taken all necessary precautions to protect your data from unauthorized access and misuse. The system is secured using anti-virus scanners and firewalls which are continually run and updated. In addition, all information transferred to F24 over the Internet is SSL encrypted. We comply with all internal and external data protection regulations (BDSG, TDG, confidentiality agreements) as well as all separately agreed arrangements.