Current Partnerships

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ABAX Informationstechnik is a well known provider of IT products and services. The headquarter is in Vienna since 1995. ABAX is known as a competent partner for IT infrastructure with a focus on networking, security, telephony, storage and servers. The experts of the company are available for consulting, planning, implementation and reliable 7x24h customer support.

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CLEVER CONSULTING, founded in 2000 is specialized in designing, implementing and maintaining High Availability solutions. With specific focus and experience in the financial sector and many years’ experience CLEVER CONSULTING can satisfy the current requirements for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans. The company manages the difficult interaction between Business Processes and the Information Technology components necessary to achieve a company's goals.

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CONTECHNET Ltd., based in Sehnde in Lower Saxony, develops and markets in-house software products. CONTECHNET specializes in software-based emergency planning and process- and service-oriented emergency management. INDART Professional® is an efficient, simple, well-structured and practical emergency management system that does away with the complex management needs of Excel- and Word-based emergency planning. The modular software solution complies with the BSI 100-4 and ISO 27001 standards as well as statutory and auditing requirements.

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CONVIS is a full-service agency in the fields of marketing and communication, with branches in Berlin and Paris. By establishing long-term relationships with clients and partners, CONVIS has amassed extensive expertise in the field of incident and crisis communication. The company has integrated this know-how into the development of its Web application CRCM (Crisis & Risk Communication Management), which optimizes communication and management processes before, during and after crises.


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DRP Consultores is a Mexican corporation and offers Business Continuity Management solutions including Consulting, Software and Training to the Latin American region. The methodology has been developed based on more than 16 years of experience working with over 70 organizations throughout various industries. The projects include “Moebius,” a BC administration software that integrates all information that robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans need.

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EISENBURG is a London-based security, risk and crisis management company specializing in custom risk analyses and evacuation plans of projects/sites in high and extreme-risk countries. The company uses the innovative software tool PreVision to integrate existing company/project knowledge directly without information losses. This saves time and money, ensures best-practice results are captured and frees up resources to put the actual results into practice and implement plans.

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Hakika is dedicated to technify the management of resilience in public and private organizations. The company provides software, consulting and technical advice to systematize business continuity management (BCP, DRP) and strategic communication among people in emergencies and crisis. Hakika proposes to simplify and control the management of resilience anytime from anywhere. Its office is in Mexico City.

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The Dutch-based Hartwich Nunes B.V. offers business continuity solutions in the Benelux countries and on the Scandinavian market. Hartwich Nunes B.V. provides industry leading tools to help companies prepare for emergency situations, deal with crises, and restore business processes.


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i-Risk GmbH was founded in 2008 as a spin off of ETH Zurich. The consulting agency concentrates on strategic risk management and Business Continuity Management. The company’s headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland.


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Mersis offers consultation and auditing services for IT governance, information security, and Business Continuity Management, primarily in Turkey. Their company headquarters are located in Istanbul. Mersis helps their customers reduce risks using more than 25 years of experience in IT and Governance models (COBIT, ITIL, CMMI, ISO 27001, BS 25999).


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Nitidis® is a consulting firm for communications strategy and crisis management. The company is leader in France, thanks to its rare experience in crisis management and strategic communication. Nitidis® provides comprehensive support for risk prevention to crisis management: tools and processes, risk identification, mapping of actors, script, definition and implementation of management procedures, simulations, operational support, and media training for crisis management.

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Proteus Secur GmbH was founded in 2004 in cooperation with Institut für Konfliktforschung und Krisenberatung (Institute for Conflict Research and Crisis Counselling) with the objective of setting new qualitative accents in international security and crisis management. Today, the Munich-based company is well positioned in the markets and offers both strategic advisory and operational implementation solutions.

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SecuSource markets international companies in the Gulf area. It helps local buyers such as end customers, consultants, and system integrators identify the best provider for solutions for facility management, security, and resilience on the global market. SecuSource has offices in Germany (Hamburg) in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


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The Senter for Stress og Traumepsykologi, located in Oslo, has extensive experience working with preventive measures: Development of contingency plans for personal care during crises, training of managers and crisis teams as well as crisis management exercises. The company also provides an emergency service, and assists clients during and after emergencies and disasters with measures aimed at safeguarding of employees and customers.

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Solution Network is a consultancy focused on helping companies resolve everyday business challenges utilizing our outstanding experience and contact network. The company is based in Mexico City, Mexico and is specialized in providing services regarding Information Technology, Business Continuity, Change Management, Sales Enablement and Strategic Planning. We build our solutions using proved methodologies and approaches to enhance the capabilities and maximize the tangible business results for our clients.

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TelecomAdvisors International S.A.(TAI) was founded 2005 in Panama City. TAI distributes and supports partner solutions throughout the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, and focusses on operational, business support and security solutions, mainly in the Telecom, Energy and Government markets TelecomAdvisors International S.A.counts on more than 20 years of experience in the Latam Telecom - and Technology Market.

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Techniserv is the leading provider of innovative telecommunications and IT solutions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. The Prague-based company offers a variety of services for a wide range of industries, such as consultation, research, testing, and implementation.


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The agency Unicepta Communication & Consulting has a 35-year history of supporting its clients with consulting, exercises and training courses in preparation and mastery of critical success factors and crisis situations. The Cologne-based agency focuses on its core competencies of crisis communication, incident communication, issues management and governmental relations for clients from the chemical, pharmaceutical, oil, energy and automotive sectors.


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The Swiss Vrbata Consulting is a consulting company specialized in Business Continuity, IT Continuity and Crisis Management matters. It provides in depth expertise for appropriate and comprehensive solutions, validations and risk assessments. With the aid of its partners it can deliver a complete alarming setup for crisis and business incident management. Natural hazards assessments come quite naturally as a by-product.

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