F24 Partner Program

F24 AG is growing fast. Our alerting and crisis management service FACT24 is available in a variety of languages and can be used anywhere in the world our clients happen to be. We are searching for experienced partners as we continue our global expansion, partners who will be trained to perform sales and distribution activities for FACT24 in their region.

F24’s attractive Partner Program offers our partners new business opportunities and increased revenue potential. F24 partners have experience in alerting, crisis management, and Business Continuity Management as well as strong and active regional networks. Companies who are interested in becoming F24 Partners are welcome to apply. To achieve partner status, the company must take part in a comprehensive training program and become certified partner. Based on their partner status, F24’s partners will be responsible for initial consultation or the full FACT24 service, one of the world leading alerting and crisis management services, for their customers.

The F24 Partner Program has three different levels to best match the requirements and qualifications of potential partners. Regardless of your partner level status, you will earn top fees under our appealing commission models.

Authorized Partners

Authorized partners send requests from potential customers directly to F24 once they have determined that the customers qualify for the service and have done an initial consultation. This is perfect for partners who do not wish to perform all steps in the distribution process.

Certified Partners

Certified partners are responsible for the entire marketing process, from the initial contact with the customer to the moment the contract is signed. Once the contract has been signed, F24 is responsible for system configuration, training, and support.

Premium Partner

Premium partners have the most responsibility within the F24 Partner Program. They are in charge not just for distributing FACT24, but also for all additional services such as system configuration, training, and first-level support.

Interested? Would you like to learn more about the F24 Partner Program? Then simply fill out the contact form “Become a Partner,” or contact our partner management team directly.