FACT24: Advantages and Uses

As a web-based service, FACT24 supports you in the areas of prevention, management, and the analysis of critical events. FACT24 is reliable, secure, quick to implement, easy to use, and available globally. You can learn more about the additional benefits offered by FACT24 and why it pays to use it under Why FACT24?.


FACT24’s most important functions

In an emergency or crisis situation, FACT24 allows you to quickly notify and alert all relevant individuals, hold impromptu telephone conferences, or open an information hotline for local residents and the media on short notice. Additionally, you can exchange information and files with all of the teams involved in real time. Learn more about what each of FACT24’s main functions can do.


FACT24 comes in different editions, so you can find the one that suits you best

The FACT24 alerting and crisis management service is available as four different all-in-one solutions: Basic, Professional, Premium, and Ultimate. The four editions offer different functions to meet the demands of small businesses, large companies, and corporate groups alike. This allows every company to choose the right version to suit its needs and upgrade as required. Here, you can see an overview of the individual FACT24 all-in-one solutions and the features they offer.

Guaranteed availability and BSI certification

We contractually guarantee our clients the following availabilities:
99.99 percent for FACT24 Alerting Service
99.50 percent for FACT24 Web Administration
99.50 percent for FACT24 Web Service Interface
99.50 percent for FACT24 Case Manager
To learn how this is possible, please go to the section on FACT24’s availability.


We were the first company to have our integrated management system certified by the independent British Standards Institution (BSI) in the areas of information security and business continuity. With this certification and the annual audit, we are able to ensure that all of F24’s mission-critical processes are also available in emergency situations and that sensitive data is protected. You can find further details about the certification here.


A web-based service that also offers professional consultation

When you choose our alerting and crisis management service FACT24, we will assist you in transferring data and developing the various alert and crisis scenarios. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. In addition, we offer consulting services to help you design communication processes for emergency or crisis situations. We would be more than happy to teach your company’s managers on how to get the most out of FACT24. You can read more about the kind of support we offer under Training, Consulting, & Support.