FACT24 Professional

Your enhanced alerting and conference management solution

With FACT24 Professional, the advanced professional solution, you can create complex alerting scenarios as well as scenarios for telephone conferences. You can also record the contents of a telephone conference for the purposes of documentation. After the conference is complete, the recording will be available in the alert log.


What can FACT24 Professional do for you?

  • Notifications
  • Alerting (expanded scope)
  • Telephone conferences

Selected FACT24 Professional services

Account limits

  • max. 10 users with customizable administration language
  • 99 alerts, unlimited number of people and devices per person
  • max. 30 conference participants

Alert and conference management

  • Administration via FACT24 Professional online portal or client’s own systems/XML interface
  • Activation online, by telephone, via fax, or using the client’s own systems (XML/VDS2465)
  • Customizable roles and rights for each user
  • Specific functions for activation: Quick/auto start, modify (temporary changes), in-conference alert activator
  • Specific functions for communication: Substitute information, two-of-ten (max. group size), recipient authentication (PIN query), conference recording
  • Management of international telephone conferences
  • Fixed or variable message administration
  • Manual/automatic (text to speech) message generation
  • Additional message options, such as time stamp
  • Message content and language customizable for each recipient
  • Devices/technologies used: Telephone, mobile telephone, text messaging, e-mail, fax, and pager
  • Alert-specific device usage possible
  • Moderation of teleconferences over the telephone
  • Immediate or after-the-fact (call back) confirmation possible
  • Feedback via telephone keypad (e.g., transit time to the scene in minutes) and additional functions
  • Multi-level interim and final reports via fax, e-mail, or text message
  • Audit-compliant documentation in the alert log


  • All-day on-site workshop on FACT24 setup
  • Customer support 8/5, optional 24/7 (German/English)
  • Online help
  • Format and plausibility check for data
  • Tool-based user guidance for data input and alert activation


  • Redundant structures throughout entire process chain
  • Encrypted data transmission (SSL)
  • Contractually guaranteed minimum availability of
                99.99 percent (FACT24 Alerting Service)
                99.50 percent (FACT24 Web Administration)