FACT24 main functions

With our web-based alert notification service, you can act – and not just react – in an emergency situation with the confidence you need. Notify and alert employees or emergency personnel. With FACT24 you have the option of alerting via telephone, mobile phone, SMS, or fax. Call impromptu national or international telephone conferences. Open an information hotline on short notice to provide information to local residents and the media. Exchange information online in real time with all relevant individuals and coordinate teams in different locations.


Messaging / Alerting


Notify or alert all necessary employees and managers quickly and reliably with a pre-prepared announcement or a message that is recorded when the actual emergency occurs. During the alerting process, a person is called on his or her land-line or mobile telephone and a spoken announcement is played, or this can alternatively be sent as a text message or fax, as well as push notification. When an alert is sent, he or she presses a button on the telephone keypad, calls back, or reports back online to confirm that they have received the message. By means of an interim report or online monitoring, you can immediately see who is available when.

Conference Management

Call impromptu telephone conferences with managers and employees, with no advanced preparation or manual dial-up. FACT24 uses various land-line and mobile telephones to “search for” the people being contacted and automatically bring them together for the conference. This allows you to communicate personally and on short notice – for example, to coordinate further steps – regardless of your location.

Information hotline - Your service for the general public

You can use FACT24 to open a telephone hotline on short notice that can automatically accept high volumes of calls. At the same time, the service plays a spoken announcement to all callers. If necessary, they are also transferred to the proper authorities. The information hotline saves valuable personnel resources within your company and frees up your own telephone lines during emergency or crisis situations. Additionally, callers receive up-to-the-minute information without the frustration of encountering a busy signal.

Case Manager – The online collaborations platform

You can communicate with all key individuals in real time throughout the entire crisis. The FACT24 Case Manager allows for the expanded, continuous exchange of live data and information. Moreover, all decisions and activities are recorded in an audit-compliant crisis log. Individual activities can be directly assigned to pre-defined case managers, and the completion of these activities can be monitored.