Why FACT24?

10 Reasons to Use Our Alerting and Crisis Management Service

FACT24 provides support for integrated alerting and crisis management. FACT24 offers you fast and professional communication and intervention in emergencies and critical situations. This can help prevent disasters, financial losses, or damage to your company’s reputation. We have compiled the ten most important reasons for using FACT24 here.


1. FACT24 is web-based and can be implemented quickly.

FACT24 is at your service just moments after your decision to use it. We work closely with you to generate defined alerting and crisis management scenarios that allow you to immediately launch processes such as sounding alarms, calling telephone conferences, or activating information hotlines whenever necessary.


2. FACT24 works independently, not relying on your infrastructure.

No extra hardware or software is required to use FACT24. A laptop or desktop PC with Internet access is all you need. An alarm can be activated with nothing more than a (mobile) phone or fax machine. Notification of your contacts requires no special devices. All services run on F24's systems, freeing up your company’s own telephone system in the event of emergency This eliminates the risk of your own on-site system being affected or failing.


3. FACT24 is quick and easy to use.

The interface for FACT24 is easy and intuitive. You are taken through the menu step-by-step. You can use the integrated plausibility check to verify whether your alerting and crisis management scenarios have been entered correctly or whether the settings need to be changed. In a critical situation, a defined scenario can be launched within seconds using any device you choose (telephone, mobile device, smartphone, internet, or fax) or the F24 Alert! app.


4. With FACT24 you are always ready to act.

FACT24 offers you a high degree of flexibility. You can change the settings of your stored alerting and crisis management scenarios yourself to immediately adapt to your needs in a specific situation. You are also in control of managing and updating personal data.


5. FACT24 allows you to launch alerts immediately and without restrictions.

At your command, FACT24 activates alarms or notifications within seconds. Thousands of parallel channels allow many hundreds or, if necessary, thousands of people to be alerted or notified. FACT24 shows via the Internet portal or the F24 Alert! app in real time which persons were alerted, at what time, and it provides feedback they have reported (e.g., arrival time to scene in minutes).


6. FACT24 is reliable and readily available.

FACT24 is based on a comprehensive security and back-up system with redundant structures throughout the entire process chain (locations – systems – network providers). F24 is responsible for all maintenance and technical system support. This makes it a nearly 100 percent available and failsafe solution. We even guarantee availability of 99.98 percent!

7. FACT24 is secure – and so is your information.

The F24 Group is the first company in the world to hold certification for its integrated information security (ISMS) and business continuity (BCMS) management systems. The availability of all key business processes is maintained and continued, even in critical circumstances. Data and information protection is ensured. This provides our clients with the security that sensitive information is protected at standards that conform to international best practices.

8. FACT24 can be used globally.

FACT24 is a globally available, Internet-based service. It does not matter where you are located: If you have Internet access, you can reach FACT24 from anywhere in the world, and you can use the administration interface as usual. The alerting and crisis management service has been localized in a variety of languages and is in use in more than 70 countries. The user language can be defined according to the individual account and person.

9. FACT24 offers cost transparency.

With FACT24, there are no high investment costs, unlike hardware solutions and purchased systems. FACT24 also offers you complete cost control at all times, enabling planning security. As a client, you receive all updates automatically and free of charge. This makes the alerting and crisis management system a particularly attractive option in comparison to hardware and purchased solutions.

10. More than 500 customers rely on our personal service.

Well-known companies of all sizes and sectors worldwide have been relying on FACT24 for more than 16 years. You can count on a reliable collaboration based on long-standing expertise and personalized support. Our clients know: The international F24 teams are always there to answer your questions and provide you with excellent support.