Business continuity management

Business continuity management (BCM) is an integrated management process with the stated goal of limiting overall damage by maintaining critical business processes even in emergency or crisis situations. The Business continuity management lifecycle provides clear orientation with regards to which measures play a central role in the maintenance and/or rapid restoration of normal operations.


FACT24 provides you with operative Business continuity management support - no matter what the situation!

The services offered by our alerting and crisis management service FACT24 build on the first two steps of the business continuity management lifecycle: analysis and documentation.

With FACT24, you can carry out crisis management and emergency drills according to your defined business continuity management plan. This will allow you to practice the appropriate procedures and conduct that would be required in case, for example, of a fire, a bomb threat, or an IT failure. You can start practice alarms, as well as work on internal and external communication routines. This allows you to determine whether the audio messages you’ve recorded are comprehensible, whether all relevant individuals were added to FACT24, and whether these persons appeared as requested or were reachable when they were alerted.

In order to provide you with the best possible support in emergency and crisis situations, FACT24 offers a wide range of functions for alerting, conference, and crisis management. With FACT24, you can:

  • alert and notify many people quickly and reliably,
  • hold ad-hoc telephone conferences – even with international staff – at the touch of a button,
  • set up an information hotline in order to provide the public and the media with information,
  • exchange information and documents in real time and coordinate teams in different locations,
  • and make immediate decisions!

FACT24 provides valuable support during the follow-up/analysis phase of an emergency or crisis. Case Manager, FACT24’s online collaboration platform, chronologically records all decisions made and actions taken during the incident management situation in an audit-compliant log. The detailed alarm/crisis logs help you analyze and evaluate best practices for an incident after the fact. Depending on the outcome of the incident, you can decide whether your emergency or crisis plans need to be optimized for the future.