Emergency management

  • The head offices of a public institution receive an anonymous bomb threat from a caller and take this threat seriously.
  • Immediately after the call, the receptionist informs her supervisors. She then calls the emergency number.

What needs to be done?

  • Alert all decision-makers and call a telephone conference to agree on a plan of action
  • Establish the command and/or control center for this incident
  • Contact the police and decide on how to proceed
  • Inform personnel over the loudspeaker that they need to leave the building and meet at the designated point. Before leaving the building, check for unfamiliar objects near workstations and make sure to take all personal items with you
  • All-clear signal for all participants once bomb has been defused

Emergency Notification Service FACT24 provides you with emergency management support - no matter what the situation!

Ideally, a catalog of security measures to be implemented in case of a bomb threat has already been created as a preventive measure. In emergency planning, the people who are responsible for each department are selected and a communication and alerting plan is created, among other things. It is critical that, in the case of such an emergency, all of the people involved are notified extremely quickly.

With the FACT24 emergency notification service, you can hold telephone conferences fast and easily with crisis or management teams and update each other on the current situation at any time. At the touch of a button, the management board and employees can be apprised of the current situation by telephone, e-mail, push notification or text message. Until it is clear when it will be safe to return to the building and/or when the bomb will be defused, decisions need to be coordinated and employees must be kept up to date. FACT24 makes this vital exchange of information easy.