Incident management

  • During a major financial services provider’s main business hours, a serious incident occurs.
  • Systems monitoring informs the manager on duty that there are serious disruptions in the network and the utility rooms (floor distributor).

What needs to be done?

  • Alert the team of technicians
  • Hold a telephone conference with decision-makers from IT
  • Notify employees about the disruption in their work area and the time it will likely take to repair it

FACT24 provides you with incident management support - no matter what the situation!

Incident management has measures and processes available to them to deal with unplanned incidents such as technical problems or temporary delivery bottlenecks. With the FACT24 alerting and crisis management service, you can model these events and the people involved in the context of various scenarios. In case of an emergency, the appropriate employees and specialists will be notified or called in by audio- or text message. If, after a predefined amount of time, not enough people have been reached, additional personnel and/or substitutes will be notified.

With FACT24, you can, for example, start a follow-up alarm that will only notify people who responded positively to the previous alarm. Alternatively, you can call a second telephone conference involving the participants that you already spoke to during the first telephone conference. This allows you to analyze incidents and make decisions quickly.