2019 Interim results: How our customers use FACT24

FACT24 has been used for more than 19 years across all industries for alerting and crisis management … and the range of applications is enormous. This is reflected in the current usage figures for the first half of 2019. We asked Sophie Genty, Head of Product & Experience at F24, about current usage figures and trends.

Looking at the current figures for the first half of 2019, was there anything that surprised you?

Sophie Genty: I already knew that our customers use FACT24 intensively and in very different ways, but I was surprised that an alert is actually triggered every three minutes. Although alerts don’t generally take place at regular intervals, this figure illustrates how often our customers actually use FACT24. This is also highlighted by the number of successfully alerted persons: 1.6 million in the first half of this year alone. Many of our customers don’t just use the system during emergencies and crises.  FACT24 has become an integral part of their daily business because even the smaller incidents taking place in companies can be more successfully handled with the help of FACT24.



Are there any particular trends in usage that you can observe?

Sophie Genty: Yes, there are. Among other things, we find that the use of push notifications via our secure Messenger TrustCase is becoming more and more popular as an alerting channel, even when email and SMS are still predominantly used. And there are a variety of different reasons for this.  The TrustCase app allows information to reach recipients quickly and securely.  Another decisive benefit of push notifications in FACT24, is that communication within the team can be continued directly in the app after the push notification has been sent, which avoids any media discontinuity.



There is one thing that needs explaining.  With over 21,000 people in a single scenario - how can that possibly work?

Sophie Genty: That can actually work really well and it's not at all uncommon for several thousand people to be part of an alert. This is exactly what FACT24 is designed for: to reliably alert large groups of people and then to continue communication in different groups to deal with the situation. This does not mean that FACT24 alerts are not also worthwhile for smaller groups though.  Using FACT24 to contact small, qualified crisis teams is still best practice. FACT24 is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to alert other people on any scale and communicate quickly, reliably and securely during an emergency or crisis.



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Case Study: SCHOTT AG

The use of FACT24 at SCHOTT AG

No electricity - that is the worst-case scenario for SCHOTT AG, not only does production grind to a halt but very soon after sensitive systems become permanently damaged. Download our free case study now to find out how FACT24 is helping SCHOTT AG to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

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Webinar: Incident Management

Stop an incident from becoming a crisis with FACT24

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables people and machines to exchange information in real time. But what happens if systems fail or sensors report an anomaly? Find out in our webinar if you are prepared and how to react quickly, so that a small incident does not turn into a crisis.

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