Launching the BCI Emergency Communications Report 2020

BCI Emergency Communications Report 2020

F24 and BCI present the new Emergency Communications Report 2020

Growing interest for crisis management tools: As stated by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Emergency Communications Report 2020, the findings illustrate a significant increase of companies using emergency communications solutions, compared to last year's report. That said, many companies have decided to switch to specialist tools rather than rely on the free options available in the market.

“Rarely in our research do we witness such a tangible improvement year-on-year. It is therefore extremely encouraging to see that investment in new technologies coupled with an increased dedication to training and exercising has resulted in improvements in both the effectiveness of response and the time it takes for plans to be activated. Once again, however, it is human failure that is the cause for plans to fail, and we would encourage organizations to continue to ensure that contact details are kept up-to-date and keep up the renewed vigour we are seeing in terms of rehearsing and exercising”, summarizes Rachael Elliott, Head of Thought Leadership at the BCI.

As Europe’s leading provider for alerting and crisis management as well as critical business communications, F24 is proud to exclusively present the BCI Emergency Communications Report and results of this year’s survey. It deals with the most exciting and urgent questions from the fields of Continuity Management and Crisis Management and provides guidelines for efficient communication in emergencies and crises.

Source: BCI Emergency Communications Report 2020

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