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FACT24 Case Study: SCHOTT AG

SCHOTT AG is a leading international technology group in the areas of speciality glass and glass-ceramics. No electricity - that is the worst-case scenario for SCHOTT AG, not only does production grind to a halt but very soon after sensitive systems become permanently damaged.

It is therefore crucial that the employees,
who take care of the systems in the event of disruptions and emergencies, are reached quickly. It is no longer feasible to manually alert such a large group of people, even at the required speed with the technical systems available.

But SCHOTT AG is prepared: At the touch of a button, the emergency management issues alarms with FACT24 in case of an emergency.

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With FACT24, F24 is able to offer a highly innovative solution and help customers all over the world to successfully and efficiently manage incidents, emergencies and critical situations.

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