Early warning system for emergency and crisis situations

Raphael Schaubhut, Product Owner

The FACT24 interface now facilitates automated alerting for incident management purposes. It is now possible to connect external devices, such as sensors, smoke alarms and other external sources to FACT24, allowing them to be integrated into the alerting process. To find out how this can benefit companies as part of the incident management processes, we spoke to Raphael Schaubhut, Product Owner at F24.


Automation in the areas of alerting and crisis management – why is this needed?

Connecting technical devices to FACT24 in order to automate the alerting process helps to significantly speed up the process of identifying threats and thus ultimately responding to an incident. Such speed of response prevents an incident escalating into a more significant business critical event or a crisis. Key staff can’t be everywhere at once, therefore those responsible for emergency and incident response can save a great deal of time by connecting technical devices to FACT24 and it also eliminates manual error. They are therefore made immediately aware when an externally connected device is triggered without reliance on human intervention, therefore allowing resources to be deployed more quickly to resolve the issue.


Using technical support to save time sounds great, but can we apply this to some concrete examples?

Let’s take a manufacturing company, for example, when there is leaking fluid pipe. Employees often only notice this sometime later, or perhaps they only discover this by chance. Or let’s take a large non-manufacturing building complex, if the lift in building A breaks down the facility manager will only find out about this if someone calls them directly. In normal circumstances there is often a delay in acknowledging the issue and therefore being able to respond. But if a sensor or devices that monitors the lift or the water pressure in the pipe is connected to FACT24 then these issues will not go needlessly unnoticed for so long. This saves time and prevents the situation from escalating.


Which company departments is this typically implemented in? 

Thanks to the flexibility of FACT24 and its extensive communication-capable devices, it is possible to integrate this into entire organisation, for example in production, storage or facility management. It is also possible to use incident management with FACT24 interfaces in both IT and customer service. For all time customer service availability you can also configure e-mail or text messages sent from a customer to trigger a telephone alert. This means you can ensure that there are no unnecessary time delays for key customer interactions. The value is that you have all your business processes together on a single platform, giving you a complete and constant overview at all times.

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