FACT24 Experience Week 2020

Thank you for your interest in the FACT24 Experience Week. Unfortunately the event is no longer available on-demand. Further information about the FACT24 portfolio is available at https://product.fact24.com/en/.

What you can expect:

  • Exclusive insights into the new FACT24 product portfolio
  • Exciting online sessions on the topics of crisis management and alerting
  • Fascinating field report and application examples
  • Networking opportunities and exchanges with international participants
  • And much more...

In addition to central elements in English, the event also offers streams in German, Spanish and French. In the following agenda flags are used to depict the language of the specific contents.

On LIVE days you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other event participants or F24 employees in the Networking Lounge or at information stands, as well as participating in active Q&A sessions.

Don't miss the highlight of the Experience Week 2020 on Wednesday, June 17: The introduction of the new FACT24 product portfolio! The schedule for this presentation is depicted in the agenda below.

The agenda

Monday, June 15th: 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

10:00 am

 Welcome Message

Board of directors and John Davison (F24)


Vorstand und Eske Ofner, Reto Caderas (F24)

Mensaje de bienvenida

Junta directiva y Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

 Message de bienvenue

Conseil d'administration avec David Ebel (F24)


11:00 am

The BCI presents: The Emergency Communications Report 2020

Rachael Elliott (Business Continuity Institute)

 Von Pilotinnen lernen - effizient agieren in und nach der Krise

Kerstin Mumenthaler (HelpKEY) und Rahel Kindermann Leuthard (#clearedtoland)

Informe del BCI sobre las Comunicaciones para Gest. Crisis.

Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

 Rapport sur les communications d’urgence 2020 du BCI

Fabien Bénéteau (F24)

Tuesday, June 16th: EXPERTS IN THE FIELD (LIVE)

10:00 am

The way forward in digital crisis management with F24

Christian Götz and Jörg Rahmer (F24)


11:00 am

Case Study

 Evidence and log keeping in a Crisis 

Darren Parnaby (OMV Lybia)


1:00 pm

 Espresso Break (Time to Network in the Networking Lounge)


2:00 pm


Ensure the safety of your employees when travelling with FACT24 and A3M

Martin Stamm (A3M) and Enrico Rudloff (F24)


4:00 pm

Case Study

No podemos evitar los ciberataques, pero podemos ayudarle a superarlos

Marcos Guasp (REPSOL)

 Communication interne pendant la crise dans les centres commerciaux

Michaël Morichon et Louis Seger (F3S)


5:00 pm


EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – Insights from the cockpit for successful crisis management with live Q&A

Kerstin Mumenthaler (HelpKEY) and Rahel Kindermann Leuthard (#clearedtoland)

 Notfallplanung als Vorbereitung zum Krisenmanagement in kritischen Infrastrukturen

Christian Böhm (Ausecus)


5:40 pm


Live Q&A about Expect the unexpected

Kerstin Mumenthaler and Rahel Kindermann Leuthard

Wednesday, June 17th: FACT24 NEW PRODUCT LINE (LIVE)

10:00 am

NEW Interests: FACT24 Introduction


 Introduction to F24 and the SaaS solution FACT24 incl. live Q&A

John Davison (F24)

 Einführung zu F24 und der SaaS Lösung FACT24 incl. live Q&A

Eske Ofner und Reto Caderas (F24)

Introducción a F24 y el SaaS de FACT24 incl. Q&A en vivo

Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

 Présentation de F24 et de la solution SaaS FACT24 incl. live Q&A

David Ebel (F24)


11:00 am

 LAUNCH: FACT24 new integrated Solution for Crisis and Incident Management

Sophie Genty, Kjetil Mollan and Erlend Lunde (F24)


11:30 am

 Q&A about the New Product

Sophie Genty and John Davison (F24)


12:00 pm

 Customers ONLY: How you benefit from the new product line (Live Q&A)

Sophie Genty, Corinna Hammerstingl and Linda Jerónimo (F24)


1:00 pm

Espresso Break (Time to Network in the Networking Lounge)


2:00 pm

 Q&A zum neuen Produkt

Sophie Genty und Eske Ofner, Reto Caderas (F24)


3:00 pm

 Questions / Réponsessur le nouveau produit

Sophie Genty avec David Ebel (F24)


4:00 pm

Training FACT24 BASIC

 Pushing the Button - Alarm Activation in FACT24

Matthew Davies (F24)

 5 Schritte zum ersten Alarm

Manuela Asam (F24)

Crear una alarma en pocos minutos

Teresa Fauquier (F24)

 5 étapes pour créer sa première alarme

Arnaud Sraka (F24)


5:00 pm

 Q&A sobre el nuevo producto

Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

Thursday, June 18th: ASK THE EXPERTS (LIVE)

8:00 am


 COVID-19 Preparing for the next wave live Q&A

Martin Petts (F24)


10:00 am


 Contact Management within the FACT24 System

John Davison (F24)

 Für Power Users – So holen Sie mehr aus Ihrer aktuellen FACT24 Edition heraus

Matthias Helfricht (F24)

Gestión de datos de contacto

Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

 Comment mettre en place une alerte variable avec FACT24

David Ebel (F24)


11:00 am

Case Study

 FACT24 im Großkonzern / Multifunktionale Einsatzgebiete

Peter Speckbruck und Gereon Klein (RWE AG)

  COVID-19, ¿y si hubiera tenido un BIA actualizado?

Uxia Fernandez (Ozona)

 La gestion des incidents de sécurité via l’application TrustCase

Antoine Tamborini (Université Luxembourg)


1:00 pm

Espresso Break (Time to Network in the Networking Lounge)


2:00 pm

Case Study/Lecture

The BCI presents: Coronavirus - A Pandemic Response

Rachael Elliott (Business Continuity Institute)

 Corporate Resilience Management bei der Mobiliar

Damian In-Albon (Die Mobiliar)

Lecture: Liderazgo en Gestión de Crisis

Juan Muñoz (CEO Associated Projects International)

 La gestion de crise d’une plateforme gérant la sécurité de plusieurs entreprises

Jean-Michel Villeval et Ludovic Blay (Synerzip-Le Havre)


3:00 pm

 Case Study

Response Services Team Leader

Michaela Nicholson (Petrofac Training Services) and Andrew Carvell (F24)


4:00 pm

Real-Case in-Tool Demo with FACT24 CIM starter incl. live Q&A

Erlend Lunde and Sophie Genty (F24)


5:00 pm


La mano del muerto: vigilancia de infraestructuras críticas

Emilio Alonso (F24)

Friday, June 19th: WHAT THE FUTURE HOLDS


10:00 am

 Crisis Management on the Go! (mobile Apps)

Enrico Rudloff (F24)

 Orchestra Anbindung – Mehr Komfort und hohe Datenqualität im Not- & Krisenfall mithilfe der Anbindung Ihres HR-Systems

Patrick Heiliger (F24)

 Automatización de alarmas provinientes de sistemas con seguridad

Emilio Alonso (F24)

Synchronisation de votre base de donnée RH - Facilité et qualité des données

Marc Rapilly (F24)


11:00 am

 Managing the potential waves of COVID-19

John Davison (F24)

Stolperfallen im Krisenmanagement

Wolfgang Lehner (Emerisis)

 COVID-19 - Consejos para gestionar una situación de crisis.

Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

 Échange sécurisé d'informations en cas de crise

Mitch Goovaerts (F24)


2:00 pm

 Outlook and Summary

Board of Directors and John Davison (F24)

 Zusammenfassung und Ausblick

Vorstand und Eske Ofner, Reto Caderas (F24)

 Perspectiva y resumen

Junta directiva y Juan Manuel Gil Bote (F24)

 Perspectives et résumé

Conseil d'administration avec David Ebel (F24)


  • Adriano Carrera
  • Arnaud Sraka
  • Christian Götz
  • Christine Forstmann
  • Damian In-Albon
  • David Ebel
  • Emilio Alonso
  • Enrico Rudloff
  • Eske Ofner
  • John Davison
  • Dr. Jörg Rahmer
  • Juan Manuel Gil Bote
  • Kerstin Mumenthaler
  • Manuela Asam
  • Marc Rapilly
  • Matthew Davies
  • Patrick Heiliger
  • Rahel Kindermann Leuthard
  • Reto Caderas
  • Sophie Genty
  • Teresa Fauquier
  • Uxia Fernandez
  • Antoine Tamborini
  • Jean-Michel Villeval
  • Ludovic Blay
  • Martin Petts
  • Jochen Schütte
  • Marcos Guasp
  • Juan Muñoz
  • Andrew Carvell
  • Erlende Lunde
  • Fabien Bènèteau
  • Linda Jerónimo
  • Michaela Nicholson
  • Michaël Morichon
  • Mitch Goovaerts
  • Rachel Elliott
  • Christian Böhm
  • Darren Parnaby
  • Wolfgang Lehner
  • Peter Speckbruck
  • Gereon Klein
  • Corinna Hammerstingl
Adriano Carrera

As Senior Customer Support Manager at F24 AG, Adriano Carrera is responsible for customer support and customer satisfaction.

Arnaud Sraka

As Sales Manager, Arnaud Sraka looks after the French and Belgian markets for F24.

David Ebel is the Managing Director of F24 France. In this position, he is responsible for all activities throughout the French-speaking countries and parts of Belgium.

Christian Götz

Christian Götz is founder and member of the Board of Directors at F24 AG, responsible for Sales, Marketing & PR, HR and Customer Service. More than 20 years ago he founded F24 together with Ralf Meister.

Christine Forstmann

Christine Forstmann is Sales & Key Account Manager at F24 AG. Her aim is to support our clients in dealing with crises and emergencies in the best possible way.

Damian In-Albon

Damian In-Albon worked for 12 years in the police service as an investigator and inspector in the Special Operations Department of the Federal Criminal Police. After completing his master's degree in Security & Safety Management, he took on various functions in the corporate security department of the Swiss Federal Railways. He is currently responsible for the security management of the Mobiliar Group.

David Ebel

David Ebel is the Managing Director of F24 France. In this position, he is responsible for all activities throughout the French-speaking countries and parts of Belgium.

Emilio Alonso

Emilio Alonso is the Sales Area Responsible of F24 Servicios de Comunicación S.L.U. He takes care of all Spanish-speaking countries.

Enrico Rudloff

Enrico Rudloff is the Regional Sales Manager in the Middle East at F24 AG. He consults organizations of all sizes on how to optimize their Emergency Notification and Crisis Management processes through effective use of technology.

Eske Ofner

As the Head of Sales at F24 AG Eske Ofner is responsible for the distribution of F24s product portfolio in Germany and Austria.

John Davison

John Davison is the Managing Director of F-24 UK in London. With his many years of senior sales experience in business continuity, he is responsible for corporate development at the company’s British subsidiary.

Dr. Jörg Rahmer

Dr. Jörg Rahmer is Member of the Board of Directors at F24 AG, responsible for Strategy, Innovation & Product as well as Product-Engineering and -Operations. He also serves as the spokesperson for the Board of Directors.

Juan Manuel Gil Bote

Juan Manuel Gil Bote is the Managing Director of F24 Servicios de Comunicación, S.L.U. In this role, he is responsible for corporate development. Here, the focus is on the distribution of F24’s product portfolio in Spain and Central/South America.

Kerstin Mumenthaler

As a former airline pilot, Kerstin Mumenthaler has over 6,000 hours of flying experience on the Airbus A320 family. Today she is a partner in HelpKEY GmbH, a consulting firm for business continuity and safety management, and is a sought-after expert in topics related to safety and crisis management.

Manuela Asam

With more than 25 years' experience in B2B business, Manuela Asam is Sales & Key Account Manager at F24 AG.

Marc Rapilly

Marc Rapilly is Sales Manager for F24 France and responsible for the French-speaking countries.

Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies is the Account-, Service- and Migration Manager of F-24 UK.

Patrick Heiliger

As Key Account Manager at F24 AG, Patrick Heiliger's focus is on winning high-turnover clients and expanding existing client relationships including strategy development and implementation.

Rahel Kindermann Leuthard

After studying business administration with a focus on marketing, Rahel Kindermann Leuthard obtained her private pilot license in 2001. Since 2016, Rahel has been Head Visitor Services & Events at Zurich Airport, focusing on management and strategic consulting. Since summer 2018 she has also been working as a consultant, among others for the med-tech company Quotient; in the same year she founded her heart and soul project #clearedtoland.

Reto Caderas

As Head of Sales at F24 Schweiz AG, Reto Caderas is responsible for sales of the Emergency Notification and Crisis Management product portfolio in Switzerland.

Sophie Genty

As a Managing Director at F24 IT Services Sophie Genty is responsible for Product and Experience at F24. In this role she also presents the new FACT24 product line within the FACT24 Experience week.

Teresa Fauquier

As Business Development Manager at F24 Servicios de Comunicación S.L.U., the goal of Teresa Fauquier is to help companies to handle any critical situation easily and professionally.

Uxia Fernandez

Uxia Fernandez is the Business Continuity Director and Partner of Ozona Consulting and Member of the international committee TC292 that deals with ISO standards related to business continuity and crisis management.

ISO/TS 22317 Project Leader Guidelines for the development of the BIA

ISO 22301 Master, Lead Auditor and Lead Implementer

Antoine Tamborini

With nearly 15 years of experience in security and safety, Antoine Tamborini has developed skills and know-how that enable him to manage all aspects of physical security.
He is in charge of implementing and coordinating the crisis unit of the University of Luxembourg (2,000 employees, 6,500 students).

Jean-Michel Villeval

Jean-Michel Villeval has evolved for many years as a professional firefighter. Passing from Chief of the Le Havre Fire Brigade in 1993 to Chief of the Le Havre Borough in 2000. Since 2014, Mr Villeval has been General Delegate of the Synerzip-LH Association.

Ludovic Blay

Doctorate from the University of Technology of Troyes (UTT) and the Ecole des Mines de Paris on the treatment of crises by several actors. Ludovic Blay has also been a Consultant on risk and crisis management for 5 years, with experience in the private and public sector, particularly in planning, business continuity and the creation of operational centres. He has 10 years of experience in the "Crisis Management and Business Continuity" department of the Le Havre conurbation. Mr. Blay is also an Associate Researcher at the Chair of "Crisis Management in the Community" at the Troyes University of Technology.

Martin Petts

Martin Petts has worked in crisis management, emergency notification, IT business continuity and data protection for over 20 years combined. Martin is responsible for F24 business in the Asia Pacific & Australasia region, with a passion for crisis management and assisting clients to become more efficient, automated and collaborative to professionally handle any emergency situation.

Jochen Schütte

Jochen Schütte is a member of the Board of Directors at F24 AG, with responsibility for Finance and Corporate Governance.

Marcos Guasp

Marcos Guasp, Continuity of Operations Manager at Repsol
He has been responsible for Risk and Continuity at Repsol for more than 13 years.

Juan Muñoz

Juan Muñoz CPP CSMP CSyP F.ISRM MBA has almost 40 years of experience in corporate security and crisis management at national and international levels. Throughout these almost four decades he has worked in more than 30 countries in four continents.

Member of ASIS International since 1991, he was president of the Spanish Chapter between 2013 and 2018. He is currently Vice President of Region 9C and a member of the Standards Committee. Since 2014 he has been Director of the Effective Management for Security Professionals course at IE Business School. In 2018 he was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM).    
Juan holds a White Cross of Merit from the Guardia Civil and another from the National Police Force.

Andrew Carvell

Andy is the Managing Director of F24 Nordics and has spent 10 years working in the resilience software market. His role covers the distribution of Fact24 ENS and CIM applications across Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Erlende Lunde

Erlend works as a Product Manager in F24 Nordics, primarily working with CIM development. He has previously worked with CIM implementations for clients and has a background from Norwegian banking sector.

Fabien Bènèteau

Fabien Bénéteau is the sales director of F24 Luxembourg . He is responsible for the development of the subsidiary in the Grand Duchy and part of Belgium.

Linda Jerónimo

Linda Jerónimo is a member of the F24 Product & Experience Team, responsible for product marketing at F24, managing communication of all product issues to FACT24 users. Together with her team, she and her team constantly provide new helpful content on all FACT24 products in the FACT24 Help Portal she created.

Michaela Nicholson

Michaela Nicholson is responsible for the Response Services business unit – part of the Emergency Response and Crisis Management (ERCM) division within Petrofac Training Services. We operate a dedicated 24/7/365 Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) in Aberdeen to service the UK oil and gas industry.

Michaël Morichon

Active since 1996 in the security sector, Michaël Morichon has worked in the guarding, cash in transit, training, and safety and security audits and consulting sectors, notably in Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Always looking for customer satisfaction, he decided to create F3S in 2013.

Mitch Goovaerts

Mitch Goovaerts created the F24 Belgian office in 2017 and position F24 as a leader in Emergency & Mass communication and Crisis Management in Belgium. With over 10 years of experience in the communication sector for mid and large Enterprises across Europe, Mitch provides innovative and high added value communication solutions for enterprises who are looking to protect their employees, assets, external resources or reputation.

Rachel Elliott

Rachael has twenty years’ experience leading commercial research within organizations and has been Head of Thought Leadership at the BCI for two years. She has particular expertise in the technology & telecoms, retail, manufacturing, and real estate sectors.

Christian Böhm

Christian Böhm is a consultant for ISMS and IT security for critical infrastructure operators at the company ausecus in Augsburg.

Darren Parnaby

Darren Parnaby has been working in the field of security and resilience for over 30 years. He has a career in the military and police in the UK. He is currently employed as Country Security Manager at OMV in Libya.

Wolfgang Lehner

Wolfgang Lehner is managing director at Emerisis, a consulting company from Vienna. He is a trained fire brigade commander, a member of the Austrian rescue dog brigade, has completed numerous training courses in quality management, risk management and emergency management and is a lecturer at the FH Campus Wien.

Peter Speckbruck

Peter Speckbruck has been employed by RWE AG for almost 30 years. He is currently responsible for crisis management and business continuity management.

Gereon Klein

Gereon Klein works in the Group Security division of RWE AG, where he is responsible for the operational implementation of crisis management and business continuity management.

Corinna Hammerstingl

Corinna Hammerstingl is a consultant to the Board of Directors of Dr. Jörg Rahmer in the area of "Strategy, Innovation and Product as well as Product Engineering and Operations".

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