F24 Whitepaper: Critical Infrastructures in the Digital Age

“Critical infrastructures” are the sectors whose functioning is important for the community. Disruptions and failures in these areas can lead to severe supply bottlenecks and disruptions
to public safety.  Due to the dependencies that exist between individual sectors and industries,
the risk of failures is increased because of the so-called domino effects that can occur.
The infrastructures in these areas must therefore be as secure and resilient as possible.

Strongly networked systems (keyword: intelligent power grids, so-called Smart Grids) will be ever-increasingly targeted by cyberattacks criminals. The NIS (Network and Information Security) Directive, which came into force in 2018, introduced, among other things, reporting obligations for IT security incidents at European level – it is therefore essential for the protection of critical infrastructures.  A further significant new development is pending with the introduction of the “Certification of Cyber Security” Regulation: If the products are a component of critical infrastructures, certification is mandatory.

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