»FACT24 is an ideal combination of simplicity and reliability.«

Within the EWE Group, EWE NETZ GmbH operates the network infrastructure for electricity, natural gas, telecommunications and tap water in the Ems-Weser-Elbe, East Brandenburg, North Western Pomerania regions and on the island of Rügen.

Power grids are the lifeline for both the economy and society. Alternative energies, energy transition and digitalisation are making them not only ever more powerful but also more complex and sensitive. In emergency and crisis situations, fast, coordinated communication is crucial, but must also function as simply and independently as possible when technical faults or natural disasters cause an emergency such as a large-scale power failure.

Find out more about the use of FACT24 at EWE NETZ and download the complete case study now!

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FACT24 CIM starter - Your crisis management solution

Discover all the applications and functions of FACT24, the integrated solution for proactive crisis management and emergency notification.

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Whether you are assembling crisis teams or alerting all employees - In the event of an emergency, FACT24 will alert securely within seconds.

Crisis Management
FACT24 supports you reliably and flexible during a crisis - from communication, through to the consolidation of auditable documents.

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