Auf dem Bild ist eine Hand zu sehen, die das Umfallen einer Reihe von Dominosteinen unterbricht

FACT24 Incident Management: Stop an incident from becoming a crisis.

Even a relatively minor incident can mean that your company operations could be severely disrupted, potentially developing into a crisis. With the new FACT24 Incident Management Module, smart sensors and technical devices can be connected to the FACT24 emergency notification system, saving valuable time and helping to prevent an incident from escalating into something more serious.

FACT24 software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution provides simple and comprehensive support for global emergency notification and crisis management. When external devices and systems that can generate either email or text message are connected to FACT24, the benefits of the Incident Management module can provide an automatic activation of any pre-configured scenario in your FACT24 account.

Take advantage of these features in many areas, whether with IT alerting, Facility Management, Security, disruptions in production, the supply chain or even in customer support.

Map all incident management processes in FACT24 and ensure the correct staff are automatically informed quickly and efficiently, without the need for human intervention. Learn more here.

Learn more about exciting applications for the new FACT24 Incident Management. 

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