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Murat Wewerke, Business Continuity Manager at TeamBank AG, reports on his experience with FACT24 in a customer testimonial.

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Should an emergency situation arise, such as an IT or production failure, a kidnapping or a flood, the members of your crisis team need to be alerted immediately. The crisis team is responsible for initiating and coordinating the necessary measures. Find out how the assembly of crisis teams works with FACT24!

  • Case Study dwpbank
  • Whitepaper Alerting and Crisis Communication
Case Study dwpbank

Dwpbank was seeking a solution to deliver a rapid corporation-wide response in the event of imminent hazard or failure of a key IT application or critical staff resources. The company’s previous manual solution proved inadequate to handle the objective of rapid notification and alerting of a large number of people, combined with a detailed documentation and report of all alerting phases and activities.


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Whitepaper Alerting and Crisis Communication

Emergencies and crisis can hit any company and any organisation. Failure to prepare for potentially critical situations can lead to serious negative consequences as a result. A professional alerting and crisis communication strategy is an essential part of successfully handling emergencies, in order to ensure that an organisation stays focused and are able to make quick decisions and resultant actions.


Find out how promt, appropriate and proactive descisions and responses can be used to prepare for and defuse critical situations and download the F24 Whitepaper now!

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With FACT24, F24 is able to offer a highly innovative solution and help customers all over the world to successfully and efficiently manage incidents, emergencies and critical situations. Learn now more about the areas of application of FACT24!

FACT24 Areas of Application

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