Cutting-edge technology for emergencies from Germany: A3M and F24 start a close collaboration so that customers can benefit from an integrated product for early crisis warning, alerting and crisis management

Tübingen/Munich, 4. March 2019 - A3M and F24, two of the leading European companies in early crisis warning, alerting and crisis management systems, now offer an integrated solution.
The essential factor of the new collaboration:
F24, the European market leader in the field of alerting, crisis management and critical business communication, is integrating A3M's Early Crisis Warning solution into its FACT24 Software-as-a-Service solution. The Tübingen-based company A3M has been a leader in the field of early crisis warning systems for many years. Now the two companies are joining forces for the first time. 

Dr. Jörg Rahmer, the Executive Board Spokesman at F24 AG responsible for Strategy, Product and Operations said: "For companies that want to be prepared for an emergency in the best possible way, alerting and crisis management are just as crucial as early crisis detection. The combination of our competencies makes it easier for our customers to efficiently gather all the necessary information and act on it. With A3M we have found the ideal partner to better meet the needs of our customers from here on.”

Tom Dillon, Managing Director of A3M added: "The technological combination of our applications is the answer that meets the needs for increasing safety and prevention all over the world that are becoming more and more important than ever.” In addition to an extensive country database, A3M will contribute "Global Monitoring", the web-based and map-based early warning system, to the collaboration. With the help of 500 news sources this provides users with reliable information on all risks, including political unrest, severe weather conditions and even natural disasters. Sources used by Global Monitoring include information from news agencies, hurricane and earthquake warning centres and social media. The A3M editorial team always verifies the latter through official sources. 


Holistic overview from early crisis warning through to documentation

This collaboration will enable FACT24 customers to take control of the entire process from early crisis warning to efficient alerting, comprehensive crisis management and documentation in accordance with auditing requirements all on a single interface. "This combination of early crisis warning, alerting and crisis management in a single tool is unprecedented," added Dr. Jörg Rahmer.

The FACT24 Software-as-a-Service solution enables companies to manage and monitor emergencies and crises flexibly, holistically and in accordance with auditing requirements. This includes everything from the failure of critical infrastructures to cyber attacks and product recalls through to the management of natural disasters. Components include the convening of crisis teams, ad hoc telephone conferences across locations or mass alarms for situations like serious accidents at plants or a mass casualty incident (MCI). The F24 apps also enable flexible alarming, acknowledgement and communication while on the go. "The collaboration with F24 is a real milestone for us," added A3M Managing Director Tom Dillon. "Our products complement each other perfectly – so together we can provide companies with all the necessary key elements for holistic crisis management".


Press contact A3M:
Roberto La Pietra / Daniela Dalke
Wilde & Partner Public Relations
Phone: +49 (0)89 17 91 90 – 87  

Marcel Brandt
General Manager
A3M Mobile Personal Protection GmbH
Phone: +49 (0)7071 97 55 – 940 


Press contact F24:
Dr. Stefanie Hauer
Corporate Communications
Tel.: +49 89 2323 638-0


About A3M
Based in Hamburg and the university city of Tübingen, A3M develops and runs early warning, information and communication systems for a professional and effective crisis management. Among users of the web based Global Monitoring tool are some of the largest tour operators in Germany and a high number of small and medium-sized companies as well as larger enterprises and corporations. An experienced team of experts continuously monitors the worldwide news situation and edits them individually for users. Thus, travel providers will only obtain the information which is important for their specific clients who stay in the respective country or region. Small and medium sized companies use the information also to provide the utmost safety for their employees being on trips all over the world. Among the worldwide risks which A3M monitors are natural disasters such as earth quakes, hurricanes or bushfires as well as political riots, mass demonstrations or other incidents and situations which can become dangerous for travellers. With end customers, A3M became well known in the past by installing a tsunami early warning system via text messages which was initiated after the flood disaster in the year 2004. Recently, A3M has launched a mobile app for iPhone and Android which addresses business and leisure travellers alike.


About F24
F24 is the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for emergency notification and crisis management (FACT24) and for sensitive and critical communications (eCall) in Europe. With FACT24, the company is able to offer a highly innovative solution and help customers around the world to successfully and efficiently manage incidents, emergencies and critical situations. In addition, the eCall platform offers solutions for high-volume communications of critical to confidential content in the business environment.

Founded in 2000, F24 AG has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Along with its subsidiaries, it supports more than 1,700 companies and organisations in more than 80 countries around the globe as part of the daily communication of critical and confidential information or in the event of a crisis. This makes the F24 Group one of the world’s leading SaaS providers for alerting and crisis management as well as critical communications for business customers.

F24 is the first company in the world to be certified by ‘The British Standards Institution’ (BSI) for its integrated information security (ISMS) and business continuity (BCMS) management systems. F24 is the first and only European company listed in the Gartner Report for emergency/mass notification services.

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