FACT24 CIM – New integrated SaaS solution for proactive digital crisis management

F24's FACT24 CIM SaaS solution combines the capabilities of FACT24 and CIM, which have for decades both proved themselves effective in their separate functions. They now form a single comprehensive tool for notifications with crisis and incident management. This new product combines Europe's two leading SaaS solutions in this field into a single intuitive end-to-end system, offering an integrated solution for virtually the entire Business Continuity Management (BCM) chain delivered by a single application.

Munich - 17.06.2020 - With FACT24 CIM, F24 meets the demand of many crisis and security managers for a solution that enables virtually the entire BCM process chain to be mapped using the same workspace. This includes continuous risk management and monitoring through to emergency notification, comprehensive incident and crisis management up to resuming normal operations. All critical processes, including working with external stakeholders, can be seamlessly monitored and fully managed from any location at any time. In addition, all transmitted data is processed on servers in Europe in strict compliance with data protection regulations.

"As the current situation shows, crises cannot be prevented. That is why it is all the more important to be well prepared in order to deal with them professionally. Efficient automated communication is just as crucial to the success of incident and crisis management as an overview of all the measures taken to contain or resolve the crisis," says Dr. Jörg Rahmer, Member of the F24 Board of Directors responsible for Strategy, Innovation & Product as well as Product Engineering and Operations. "When combining the functionalities of FACT24 and CIM, the main focus was therefore on the application's straightforward, intuitive operation. We have simplified the interface to focus on the essentials. This allows those responsible to concentrate fully on the incident or crisis and its management".

The crisis management software solution CIM from the former One Voice AS (now F24 Nordics AS) has been part of the F24 product family since May 2019. From the very outset, the merger of F24 and One Voice AS was aimed not only at expanding the product portfolio, but also at extending the company's offering as a pan-European platform for emergency notification and holistic crisis management. Now we can see clearly just how beneficial it is to have chosen this path.


"European reliable remote or SaaS solutions are a secure way for companies to implement their BCM processes reliably and professionally, particularly in these times of global crises," explains Christian Götz, founder and member of the F24 Board of Directors responsible for Sales, Marketing and PR, HR and Customer Service. He adds: "We are in constant contact with our clients and are therefore aware that many of those responsible for crisis management and security want a uniform tool, but at the same time demand flexibility in terms of the scope of services provided. This is why we have developed FACT24 CIM with its three levels of expansion based on the extensive notification functions of FACT24 ENS".

At the first virtual "FACT24 Experience Week", taking place between June 15th and 19th 2020, the F24 team will give out detailed information on the benefits provided by FACT24 and answer all your questions about this product innovation.

Further information on the virtual "Experience Week" including programme and speakers is available on our website https://www.f24.com/en/events-dates/experienceweek-2020/. This is also where you can easily and quickly register for the event. All the highlights of the event will also be available on demand afterwards.

Grafik 1: FACT24 CIM

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The workspace in FACT24 CIM is simple and clearly structured.

Grafik 2: FACT24 CIM

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FACT24 CIM offers comprehensive task management.

Grafik 3: FACT24 CIM

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In FACT24 CIM, you can quickly create new incidents or continue work on an existing incident.

About F24

F24 is the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for incident and crisis management, emergency notification and sensitive and critical communication in Europe. With FACT24, F24 offers a highly innovative solution and supports clients worldwide in the efficient and successful management of incidents, emergencies and crises. In addition, the eCall platform offers solutions for high-volume communication of critical or confidential content in the corporate environment. More than 2,500 clients worldwide rely on F24's solutions to manage their communication requirements, in the context of day-to-day communication of critical or confidential content or in the event of a crisis.

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