FACT24 Incident Management: How intelligent technology helps prevent crises

When smart sensors and technical devices are connected to the FACT24 emergency notification system, companies can save valuable time to help prevent disruptions from escalating into something more serious.

Munich, 26 April 2018. Connected devices in the house, capable of notifying the homeowner via smartphone, have been commonplace for some time. Such technology can also be used in a commercial setting. By connecting external systems, such as sensors, temperature monitors, intruder alarms and other forms of smart technology to the FACT24 emergency notification system, the correct people can be automatically alerted and made aware of any issue. Examples include: a production facility coming to a standstill, or the temperature in a refrigerated warehouse rises: sensors automatically initiate a FACT24 alert to notify the appropriate person responsible. Alternatively, If a server fails in the middle of the night, an appropriate technician is notified immediately via the on-call telephone, saving vial minutes or hours. By connecting external devices to automatically activate a FACT24 notification, time Is saved to help prevent a disruption from becoming a crisis.

Save time and react as quickly as possible

In the above examples, companies are able to minimise the impact of the issue by taking advantage of fast and automated emergency notifications using FACT24. Even incidents that may at first glance appear to be minor have the capability to escalate. The sooner an issue is discovered and remedial action taken, the less scope there is for it to evolve into something with serious financial or human implications.

Dr. Jörg Rahmer, Director for Products and Innovation at F24 AG: “Intelligent technology is in use in many places today and when combined with an emergency notification tool that is as flexible as FACT24, there will no longer be any incidents that remain undiscovered - regardless of when or where they may happen. This means that the right people in charge have their eyes, ears and feelers out everywhere – so to speak – and namely in harmony with the requirements of a professional environment.”

A lever for the Internet of Things

Within lots of corporate environments there is a challenge posed by complexity: Which staff need to know about each specific incident? Are staff already assigned to be on-call? Is there a specific technical skill needed to help resolve a particular incident? Can we be confident current staff contact information is correct? Such areas are subject to continual change within complex organisations. In addition, companies are subject to strict requirements in the areas of data protection, security, audit and compliance.

“The benefit of the Internet of Things first becomes apparent for companies via the link to an emergency notification solution that is able to map these complexities and requirements in a comprehensive manner. In the best case, on a platform that is capable of mapping all applications.” continues Jörg Rahmer.

Flexible connection to a variety of interfaces

Connecting smart sensors and devices to FACT24 is a simple process. Any device capable of generating an email or text message can initiate the FACT24 emergency notification process. For each specific incident, the relevant staff with required skill set or qualifications are alerted using defined communication channels. By means of “location-based” notifications, even a person’s location can be a defined criteria to receive an alert. Therefore an engineer that is “local” to an incident, office or facility can be the one to automatically receive the alert and to be dispatched to resolve the issue. In summary, by using the extensive FACT24 alerting features, companies can rest assured that they will be able to contact the right expert, reliably and quickly, for each and every incident that may occur.

Crisis management as needed

Ideally, incidents are resolved as quickly as possible after notification. However, if that is not possible, companies are also able to comprehensively manage and monitor a crisis via FACT24, through conference calls at the push of a button, the simple activation of an info-hotline for third-parties, secure communication and efficient task management or the coordination of crisis teams or emergency responders.


About F24

F24 is the leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for emergency notification and crisis management (FACT24) and for sensitive and critical communications (eCall) in Europe. With FACT24,  the company is able to offer a highly innovative solution and help more than 700 customers around the world to successfully and efficiently manage incidents, emergencies and critical situations. In addition, the eCall platform offers solutions for high-volume communications of critical to confidential content in the business environment.

Founded in 2000, F24 AG has its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Along with its subsidiaries, it supports more than 1,500 companies and organisations in more than 70 countries around the globe as part of the daily communication of critical and confidential information or in the event of a crisis. This makes the F24 Group one of the world’s leading SaaS providers for alerting and crisis management as well as critical communications for business customers.

F24 is the first company in the world to be certified by ‘The British Standards Institution’ (BSI) for its integrated information security (ISMS) and business continuity (BCMS) management systems. F24 is the first and only European company listed in the Gartner Report for emergency/mass notification services.


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