F24 Luxembourg S.A.

Izidor Ciglar

F24 Luxembourg S.A. was formed in 2019 from the takeover of M-PLIFY S.A. by F24 AG and represents the F24 Group in Luxembourg and parts of Belgium.

Since its foundation in 2000, the former M-PLIFY S.A. has established itself as a leading provider of SaaS-based alerting and crisis management solutions, including the flagship product AlarmTILT, in Luxembourg and Belgium.

Izidor Ciglar has been working for the former M-PLIFY S.A. since 2002 and became Managing Director in 2012. Since 2019, he has been Managing Director of F24 Luxembourg S.A., which emerged from M-PLIFY S.A.

Contact Information

F24 Luxembourg S.A. (before: M-Plify S.A.)

68, Avenue de la Liberté
1930 Luxembourg
Phone: +352 261 846 1
Fax: +352 261 846 946
E-Mail: sales_lux@f24.com

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