F24 Nordics AS

Andrew Carvell

F24 Nordics AS arose from One Voice AS by joining forces with the pan-European market leader within incident and crisis management, emergency notification and sensitive and critical communications, F24 AG in May 2019. F24 Nordics AS is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001 certified. The company was founded in 2006 in Trondheim, Norway and became the Nordics' leading provider in incident and crisis management solutions. Their customers include companies and organizations which come from a variety of industries such as energy production, offshore-technologies, aviation, food production and public transport. F24 Nordics also has a considerable footprint in multiple levels of government and the wider public sector.

Marius Røstad

F24 Nordics AS is managed by Andrew Carvell, who is responsible as Director for sales, marketing, finance and administration and Marius Røstad, who is responsible as Director for development, support and quality. Both have shaped the company for many years. Whilst Andrew Carvell takes up the new position as former General Manager of the UK office, Marius Røstad has been active in the company since its foundation in 2006. With its many years of expertise, F24 Nordics AS now represents the F24 Group in Scandinavia as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Contact Information

F24 Nordics AS

Location Trondheim, Norway
Sluppenvegen 6
7037 Trondheim
Telephone: +47 40 00 19 08
E-Mail: mail@onevoice.no

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